The Perils of Fast Fashion and how Clothing Hire Promotes Sustainability

We here at All The Dresses are obviously huge supporters of the clothing hire industry in Australia. But it’s not just because we love being able to wear beautiful designer dresses at a fraction of retail cost. We know that by renting designer pieces, instead of buying items we’ll only wear once, we are doing our bit to help the environment. If you haven’t read much on the topic or watched one of the great documentaries produced in recent years, you’re probably thinking that’s a pretty long bow, but trust us, the evidence will shock you!

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The Most Glamorous New Year’s Eve Events to Welcome 2018

We don’t want to scare you but Christmas season is upon us … which also means New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! We all know that how you spend New Year’s Eve is how you will spend the year ahead – so of course it’s crucial that you do it in absolute style. With a slew of outstanding events on offer in the major cities of Australia it’s hard to know which to pick. We have compiled the most glamorous events by city, so you can be sure that you have chosen a winner. Once you have the event locked down you can focus on the important things – like putting together the ultimate look that will blow everyone away!

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6 Homegrown Influencers That Have Nailed Street Style

We all know the huge role that Instagram plays in our lives today, so what better way to inspire your style than adding some of our very own Aussie fashion influencers to your feed! We have put together a list of the best homegrown fashion influencers that have perfected the art of cool and edgy yet wearable street looks. Follow them today and never be short of style inspiration again.

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The Most Amazing Outfits at Melbourne Cup 2017

We all know what Melbourne Cup day is about – fashion! Yes, some horsies run around a track (apparently?) but if you’re like us, all you care about is the incredible outfits. Who will be best on show in 2018? Let’s jump right into it… here are some of our favourite styles, worn by some of our favourite people!

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44 of the Best Outfits from Derby Day 2017

Derby Day is one of our favourite days on the Australian fashion calendar. Tradition prescribes that all attire is black and white, including accessories. Whilst this means racegoers can’t use colour to make themselves stand out, high attention is put on classic styles, beautiful tailoring and wonderful details in dress design, to make the most beautiful monochrome outfits. Without further ado, here are 44 of the best outfits from Derby Day 2017! (yes, we doubled up on a couple – we just loved them so much!)

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Five Fun First Date Spots in Sydney (and what to wear!)

Ahhh first dates. Love them or loathe them, we all want to make to the best first impression that we possibly can on our potential new beau. But when nerves are running high it can be impossible to think clearly! What’s a girl to do? To take the pressure off we have put together a one-stop guide to the most fun and interesting dates to be found in Sydney, complete with the perfect outfits to complement them. These destinations and gorgeous designer outfit ideas are guaranteed to get the conversation flowing and the sparks flying. You can thank us later – and don’t forget our wedding invite!

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The Best Fashion Schools in Australia and New Zealand 2017/18

With 2018 just around the corner, perhaps you’re wondering what life would be like as a fashion designer, buyer, production manager or entrepreneur. Whether you’re finishing up high school and considering your career options or you’ve always wanted to pursue a future in fashion, the first step to landing your dream job is education.

Investing time and money into getting the right training is no small feat but offers great payoffs. Having a formal qualification on your CV shows potential employers you’re not only serious about fashion but that you have the academic training necessary to create, curate, collaborate and commercialise within such a competitive industry.

To help take the grunt work out of finding a suitable course that matches your requirements, we’ve gone ahead and listed our favourite colleges and tertiary providers in Australia and New Zealand that are nationally recognised.

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Top 5 Beachwear Trends This Summer

Photo: Matilda Jerf

The weather is getting warmer, the nights are becoming balmier and the beach is starting to beckon you onto its sandy shores and into its blue waters; summer is just around the corner. Whether you are thinking of holding your annual summer BBQ at the beach, or celebrating your best friends baby shower at one of the beach parks, we’ve got you covered with five of the hottest beach-wear trends right now.

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The best matching Mum & Daughter fashionistas on Instagram

Instagram is today’s go-to for style and beauty inspiration, with flawless fashion filling your feed every minute. Leading the social influencer pack are mothers from around the world, showing us how to look modern, chic and gorgeous ­– all while having babies and raising kids!

Here is a luscious collection of #instamamas and their adorable #matchymatchy offspring for you to coo, cry and cluck over. Even if you don’t have children of your own, you can add these Insta-famous fashionistas to your list of #goals.

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