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Clear The Wardrobe Clutter – 5 Aussie Bloggers Helping You Do It

Let’s be real, who doesn’t have a wardrobe bursting with clothes that you don’t wear? Every time you open the thing it’s like the ghost of fashion past is there, haunting you. Creepy. The solution is clear – it’s time to start fresh and declutter your closet. But where to begin? Luckily there is a whole crop of amazing Aussie fashion bloggers that have you covered, and their wardrobes are what dreams are made of! These five Aussie bloggers are absolutely smashing it, so run, don’t walk in the direction of their Instas and blogs for some serious inspiration! (Intro image: Stylizimo)

Harper and Harley

Sara Crampton may actually be some sort of styling Midas, because everything she touches turns to gold. Hailing from New South Wales, this social media dynamo is a pioneer of blogging, beginning in 2008. With a focus on elevated minimalism and a neutral colour palette, you will find oodles of inspiration at her blog, Harper and Harley.

An Organised Life aka Beck Wadworth

Beck Wadworth has turned organisation into an art form, and a business. Along with gorgeous stationery, Beck also showcases gorgeous minimal looks which go hand in hand with being organised. We will try to imitate her organisation, but if we only half make it there, that’s ok.

What Would Karl Do?

Gorgeous mum of three Jess Dempsey is one of those down to earth and authentic bloggers that you secretly consider to be one of your bffs, if only you had met. With content that shows how to work fashion into well…you know, real life, Jess’ blog What Would Karl Do? is the perfect place to go to help you start clearing out the clutter.

Watermelon Crush aka Steph Sparks

Ex-Swedenite Steph Sparks is now permanently a Sydney girl and boy are we happy to have her. Steph has transitioned from personal blogger into fashion and travel at Watermelon Crush with gorgeous results. Her style is simple, yet colourful and attention-grabbing – the best of both worlds really.

When Words Fail

We love a good tw-Instagram team, and Danielle and Nicole of When Words Fail are exactly that. These girls show how simple pieces can be used in a variety of ways to make it feel as though you have a wardrobe double the size.