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About All The Dresses

What is All The Dresses?

All The Dresses brings all the designer dresses, bags, accessories and other clothing available for hire in Australia into one fantastically fast and easy-to-use website. We connect directly with over 40 of Australia's best designer rental businesses, so you can browse and book over 15,000 designer items from the one place.

Since launch, over 25,000 Australian women have booked with our rental partners after finding their items on All The Dresses, amounting to over $5M in bookings.

In August 2020, we transitioned from v1, which was more of an aggregator, to v2, which is the website you see today and is a full e-commerce marketplace, which completely streamlines the process of booking designer clothing online.

When did All The Dresses start?

All The Dresses (allthedresses.com.au) was launched in May of 2017, with our NZ site (allthedresses.co.nz) coming a few months later.

Where are you located?

All The Dresses is an online-only company and we don't have a shopfront. The company has headquarters in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, Australia.

Do you operate in any countries other than Australia?

Yes! We also operate in New Zealand. Check the website out at https://allthedresses.co.nz.

Renting Items

It says the item is "Provided by company name" - what does this mean?

All The Dresses is a designer clothing hire marketplace that connects you to over 40 of Australia's best rental companies (or partners). Each rental item on our site is offered by one of these trusted, professional partners.

Your booking is placed via our website and all of your communications (e.g. order confirmation, dispatch notifications) will come from us, but your package delivery will come directly from the rental partner.

How can I tell if an item is available for my date?

When attempting to book an item, you will be asked to select a Delivery Date. Clicking this will open up the availability calendar for that item. This shows live availability for the item. If you can select the date, it's available for that date!

My dream dress isn’t available for my date, what can I do?!

Because we work with over 40 rental partners, it's common that more than 1 of them will offer the same item. We match these automatically, so when viewing any item you will be shown a list of other rental partners you can choose.

These other partners can have a different rental price, postage fee, terms or sizing options. Pay attention to these details before selecting a rental partner to book from.

When I complete a booking, is it confirmed, or is it just a request?

Unlike other platforms, we don't work using a request and acceptance process. We only work with trusted rental businesses and our site has live connection into their systems. This means we can show live availability, and once you make your booking, it's locked in, and there's nothing more you need to do.

Booking Period & Dates

How long am I able to book an item for?

The duration an item can be hired for can differ depending on the item. The majority of items are available for a 4-day rental period, but some offer other options that vary from 3 to 14 days.

The "delivery/arrives by" date and "return on" date are included in the rental period. As an example, for a 4-day booking, if you want it delivered by Friday, you would need to post it back on Monday.

I need to hire an item for a longer period than is shown. Is this possible?

We know that sometimes you’ll need the item with you for longer than the standard duration(s) offered - e.g. if you have a destination wedding to attend.

Just contact us and we’ll see if we can make it work!

Sizing & Fit

How do I know if a dress or other item will fit me?

Like all online fashion purchases, it is difficult to say with 100% certainty whether something will fit.

Often, customers will be familiar with the designers they like and know what size they would normally wear in their collections. If you already own pieces by that designer, check the tags as it is likely you will need the same size.

These are the other ways we can help you ensure you get the right fit:

  • Read the description under "Style Notes" as this will sometimes have information regarding shape & fit.
  • Click the “Size Guide” link next to the size selection control to open a size guide for that designer. This will usually include hips/bust/waist measurements as well as a conversion table if the designer’s sizing differs from standard Australian sizing. Please note that this guide is for the designer as a whole and that sizing for individual pieces may differ from this slightly.
  • See if we have Customer Photos for the item (displayed below the main product information). We will usually display the size that this customer hired, which may help guide you.

If you’re still in doubt, or have any specific questions, just contact us.

What if my item arrives and doesn't fit?

Unfortunately, our standard terms can't offer you a refund, credit or replacement when this occurs.

Some of our rental partners DO offer a a credit note though.

When looking at any item, you will see a note of "Item provided by {rental partner}". This is the company which will be sending you the dress. There will also be a section on the page titled “{rental partner} Terms”. This will show you any specific additions this partner includes, such as the ability to return if there are issues with fit.

In all cases where this is available, you need to contact us within 24 hours of the item arriving to let us know, or you may not be eligible for the credit.

If you’re in doubt about the size and the rental partner does not offer this service, then try looking at alternative rental partners on All The Dresses who may offer the same item. When more than one rental partner offers the item, that option will be clearly displayed on the page.

Can I try on items before making a booking?

All The Dresses is an online-only marketplace. We don't have physical locations for try-ons around Australia.

We are working towards offering this as an online service, where you would be posted a dress for a single day just to try on and return. There would be a fee associated with this, which may then come off your rental fee if you proceed.

We are still working through the details but we can't wait to be able to have this service up-and-running! For the moment though, try-ons are not available.


When will my rental item be delivered?

When asked to select a "Delivery Date" (majority of items on ATD)

In this case, the rental partner will deliver the item to you so that it arrives on or before this date.

We recommend you choose a date that is 1-2 days prior to the date you intend to wear the item.

When asked to select a "Dispatch Date"

In these cases, you will need to select the date you want our rental partner to send it from their location. In other words, it is your responsibility to estimate how long it will take to arrive to your location when sent via Australia Post Express Post.

The rental partner's location will be shown in various places when making your booking. Usually, delivery would take 1 business day if you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Adelaide metropolitan areas. Perth and regional centres would normally take 2 business days. Rural may take longer. Feel free to contact us for advice.

How will I know when my rental item is on the way?

As soon as an item is dispatched from the warehouse or store of our rental partner, you will receive an email from us, which will include a tracking number for the postage company delivering your item (usually Australia Post).

You can track the delivery of items on our website, via the My Account > Orders area, or you can also track them directly on the website of the postage company.

If you haven’t received notification that your item has been dispatched, along with a tracking number, 24 hours prior to your expected delivery date, then please get in touch with us ASAP.

Why does by Bag show multiple postage fees?

Because All The Dresses is a marketplace featuring items from over 40 trusted rental partners, items are dispatched from various warehouses and shops across Australia.

Each of these rental partners needs to charge a separate postage fee for each parcel sent.

So you may see multiple postage fees in your Bag, if you’re booking more than 1 item, and those items are either for different dates, or from different rental partners.

Where in Australia are my items shipped from?

Our rental partners are located all over Australia, so your item may ship from any one of these locations, but the majority are dispatched from the east coast (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane).

Our rental partners take care of ensuring your delivery gets to you in time and we'll let you know as early as we can if for some reason that's not possible.

In rare cases, due to Australia Post delays, or other factors, it's possible that your item will arrive late. If it arrives too late for you to wear to your event, you'll be refunded in full as soon as the item is received back by the rental partner.

Can you deliver to the USA or any other overseas location?

No, unfortunately not. The logistical and security challenges are too great to do any overseas rentals at this time.

Returning Items

When & how do I send back items I’ve hired?

All rentals booked via All The Dresses will come with a prepaid return postage satchel. All you need to do is place the item in the satchel and post it back!

Your order confirmation email and your dispatch notification email will both state a “Return by post on” date. You must post back the item on or before this date, or you might be liable for late fees as per our Rental Agreement.

You should always post the parcel by handing it over the counter at an Australia Post store or depot. This ensures that the item is immediately scanned and is proof that you’ve posted the item back as instructed. If your return date falls on a Sunday or public holiday, you can lodge it on the next working day before 3pm, without any late fees being applicable.

Often, your prepaid return postage satchel will arrive with the tracking number sticker already removed. This is normal and helps us and our rental partners track the return more easily. If you’d like to be able to track it yourself, just write the tracking number on the satchel down or ensure that Australia Post provides it to you on a postage confirmation docket.

Do I need to clean/dry-clean items before I send them back?

No, this is taken care of! It's included in your booking fees.

Please do not under any circumstances attempt to clean a garment yourself. If you do this and cause permanent damage or staining, you may be liable for repair or replacement fees in accordance with our Rental Agreement.

I can't make it into an Australia Post store or depot. Is there any other way?

We highly recommend that you return the parcel over the counter at an Australia Post store or depot, but in the event that this just isn’t possible, you may put the satchel in a verge-side yellow Express Post Australia Post box.

Please know that if the item is then lost prior to it being scanned by Australia Post, you may be held responsible for the loss and be charged a replacement fee as per our Rental Agreement. This is why we always recommend over the counter drop off.

I didn't receive a return postage satchel. What do I do?

You should always receive a return postage satchel within your delivered package. If for some reason our rental partner hasn’t provided you with one, please let us know ASAP and we will give you instructions. We’ll make sure you aren’t left out of pocket!

I lost my return postage satchel. What do I do?

If you’ve lost the provided prepaid return postage satchel, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the item yourself. This must be done over the counter at an Australia Post store or depot and must be sent in a yellow Express Post satchel.

Then, get in touch with us to let us know and provide the tracking number for the parcel.

Damages or Loss

I've caused damage to the dress I hired, what should I do?

We know this can happen and there’s no need to freak out. Very minor damages (e.g. lost buttons, loose stitches) can usually be repaired by our rental partners with no additional fees charged to you.

For more serious damage, you may be charged a repair or replacement fee in accordance with our Rental Agreement. Our Rental Agreement also states that you agree not to attempt repairs yourself, so please don’t try this.

Most bookings for clothing will ask you if you want to pay for Accidental Damage Protection with your order. If you've chosen to take this up and pay for it with your order, the repair/replacement fee may be completely covered for you. Find the full details, here.

Some ATD rental partners include a small level of insurance cover (e.g. up to $100) as part of their terms at no extra cost. This is displayed as part of their terms shown when viewing items on our website, and shown to you prior to Checkout. In these cases, if the level of damage is lower or equal to the amount of cover, you won’t have to pay a cent. If it is higher, then you may be liable for the difference between the repair/replacement cost and the amount of insurance cover offered.

I've lost the dress I hired! What happens next?

It is your responsibility to take care of the item you’ve rented through All The Dresses, and this includes knowing and its whereabouts at all times between the time it is delivered to you and the time you post it back. Do not leave it in an unsafe place, with a friend or anywhere else which might result in losing the item.

If it is lost, you need to let us know immediately, even if you think it may eventually turn up. As early as possible, we will need to inform any customers that have booked the item for after your rental that we may not be able to fulfill their booking, so they have time to organise an alternative.

If the item is lost you will be liable for a replacement and this can be up to 120% of the original RRP of the item, as per our Rental Agreement.


Are you interested in buying my second-hand item?

All The Dresses doesn't purchase 2nd-hand garments from the public, even if they've only been worn once. We wish you all the best with finding a buyer through other channels.

I'm an influencer, would you like to collaborate?

We collab with influencers from time to time. Feel free to get in touch.

I want to buy an item rather than hire it. Is this possible?

We occasionally can sell older styles, but it's rare for new releases to be sold.

If you'd like to buy rather than hire, go to the item page on our site, then look for the "Offer To Buy" tab, where you can submit a request to kick off the process. More details on how it works are also provided there.