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Backup Dress

Many of the items (but not all) on the All The Dresses website are eligible for our Backup Dress offer.

In a nutshell, the offer means you can add a second item to your shopping bag at 75% off the normal rental fee. When they're delivered to you, you can try both on and decide which of the two you'd like to wear to your event.

Eligible Items

Not all items are eligible for the Backup Dress offer.

If the item you're interested is eligible for the Backup Dress offer you'll see an "Eligible for a Backup Dress" link just below the size options.

Tapping clicking this will open a popup giving you some info as well as a link to the predefined list of items which can be added as a Backup Dress for the item you're looking at.

Just because two items appear to both be eligible for the offer when you're viewing them separately, does not mean they can be paired together for the offer. Items ship from different cities and different warehouses. Only items which ship from the same location, that can be packed in the same parcel, can be paired together to take up the Backup Dress offer.

How to Take Up the Offer

If your first preference of dress shows that it's eligible for the Backup Dress offer (an "Eligible for a Backup Dress" link appears underneath the size options, then all you need to do is:

  1. If you want to book a second size of the same dress, just add the second size to your Shopping Bag, and select the same Delivery Date as the first size.
  2. If you want to book a completely different style...
    1. Tap/click the "Eligible for a Backup Dress" link, then click the "Show Me The Options" button which appears within the popup that opens.
    2. A page showing all the items which you can add as a Backup Dress loads in a new tab.
    3. Apply filters to the list as required to find a Backup Dress you like.
    4. Once you've found the one, add it to your Shopping Bag, ensuring you choose the exact same Delivery Date as the first item you added.
  3. Go to your Shopping Bag
  4. Apply the ATDBACKUPDRESS promotion code to your Shopping Bag
  5. The 75% discount is applied to the cheaper of the two dresses you've selected. You can checkout like usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't the Backup Dress promo code apply?

The Backup Dress promo code won't apply, in any of these scenarios:

  • The item(s) aren't eligible for the Backup Dress offer
  • The item(s) are part of the Backup Dress offer, but can't be paired together because they don't ship from the same location. Once you have decided your first preference for a dress, to choose a Backup Dress, click the link under the "Backup Dress" tab to be taken to a page showcasing the options which can be selected as a Backup Dress to go with your first preference.
  • The items are eligible and can be paired together for the offer, but you have chosen a different Delivery Date for each item. The Delivery Date selected for the two items must be exactly the same.
Can I select the same dress but in a different size?

Yes, of course! As long as both sizes are booked from the same ATD rental partner, and both sizes are available for your dates.

If the same style dress is offered by multiple ATD rental partners, a "Rental Company" selector is displayed on the item page, where you select your options to add to your Shopping Bag. You aren't able to select one size, then switch the Rental Company and select another size.

Can I wear both dresses?

Our Backup Dress offer is there to give you another choice, just in case your first choice isn't perfect for you. You can wear one of the dresses, but not both (though try-ons are fine).

If both dresses are worn, you will be required to pay the full rental fee of the Backup Dress (less the Backup Dress fee already paid).

Is the Backup Dress fee refundable/creditable?

The Backup Dress fee is not refundable or creditable.

Can I get refunded or credited the difference if I end up wearing the Backup Dress, which is cheaper to hire than my first choice?

Unfortunately we cannot refund or credit the difference in hire fee between the two. Even though you may not have worn the more expensive of the two, it has still been sent to you, meaning the opportunity for someone else to rent it at the normal hire fee has been taken away.

What if neither item fits me/is suitable?

If the terms of your order say that you can return the item due to an issue with fit, then in this instance, you would post back both items within 24 hours of receiving them and submit a Return Request via our website. You would get a credit note as described in the terms for the item you paid the normal rental fee for (the more expensive of the two items).

The fee paid for the Backup Dress (the cheaper of the two, with 75% discount applied) is not creditable or refundable.

Am I allowed to wear both dresses?

Under the terms of the Backup Dress offer, you can try-on both dresses but only one can be worn. If you wear both dresses, you will be charged the full rental fee for both dresses.

If you really love both dresses, and would like to wear each to two different occasions during your rental period, please get in touch. You'll be welcome to wear both, but we'll need to charge you the normal rental fee. That is, the 75% discount you received will be charged to your card on file.

Why are some items not eligible for the Backup Dress offer?

Unfortunately a the offer isn't available for all items. There are various reasons for this, including the shipping location and whether the ATD rental partner that provides the dress has chosen to participate in the offer.

Is the offer applicable to bags, jewellery or other types of items?

No, sorry! Dresses only at this point in time.