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Obsessed with handbags? So are we. Are you a Saint Laurent devotee? Mad for Gucci’s quilted leathers? Love Dior's timeless elegance? Or perhaps you prefer the embellished stylings of Olga Berg. The right bag or clutch can make or break a look. Thankfully, luxury is made affordable when renting the final piece to your outfit puzzle!
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FAQs About Hiring Designer Bags

How much does it cost to hire a designer bag?

Generally, hiring a high-end designer bag or clutch for 4 day period will cost between 7 and 15% of the original RRP of the item. There are exceptions to this, which is normally based on popularity or if it's become a collectors item that is now valued much higher than the original RRP.

For some lower end designers, the rental fee will be a higher as a % of the RRP, as postage, admin and cleaning/restoration overheads make up a higher proportion of the fee.

What is the hire duration for bags, and can it be extended?

The hire duration options available can differ on a bag by bag basis. When viewing any bag on our website, you'll be presented with the options for the hire period. The majority of items have a standard 4 day hire period, which is inclusive of the delivery date and the date you must return it. For example, receive the bag on a Friday and return on a Monday.

If available, most items can be booked for longer durations just by contacting our customer service team.

Do you offer any style or fashion advice for selecting the perfect bag or clutch for my outfit?

If you're renting a dress from All The Dresses, most of the time there will be recommended bags to go with that dress displayed on the dress page, under the "Wear It With" section. We can also help out over email by contacting us via our customer service page.

What are the most popular designer brands when hiring a bag?

The most popular luxury labels when hiring a bag or clutch via All The Dresses, are:

For bags in the more affordable category, check out designers such as Olga Berg, Aje and Arlington Milne.

Are all the designer bags available for hire on All The Dresses authentic?

Absolutely! All the designer bags and clutches you can see on our site are 100% authentic. We don't list replica bags. All bags are provided by our professional and trusted rental partners, who we've vetted and have a long-standing relationship with. It's completely legit.

How do I determine the size of a designer bag or clutch to ensure it meets my needs?

There's a few ways you can find this out:

  • The 'Style Notes' for the item will sometimes mention the dimensions of the bag or clutch
  • The page for the bag or clutch on our website will often include photos of the item being held by a customer, which will give you a good gauge of it's size
  • You can contact us via our customer service form and we'll get back to you with more info as soon as we can!

Have another question? Check out our site FAQ page, or contact ATD customer service.