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The Greatest (and Lamest) 80’s Fashion Trends – Part 2

Hands up if your fave fashion era was the 80’s? We see you over there in your scrunchie and acid wash jeans! A time of excess, ultra-consumption and disposable income, the 80’s were a truly unique period in couture history. Characterised by loud colours and even louder hairstyles, welcome back to part 2 of the greatest (and lamest!) looks of that guitar-riffing, hair-teasing, break-dancing era that was, the 80’s!

1. Slogan Tees

Chances are that walking into a store today you’ll still find tonnes of these on the racks, showing the slogan tees’ status as a true fashion staple. From song lyrics to sassy quotes, if you can think of it it’s probably been on a t-shirt. One of the most well known? Choose Life, as seen on Wham! in their heyday. 

Photo: The Guardian 

2. Male Ponytails

There has been a bit of a disturbing comeback in this questionable style lately… man bun anyone? From Steven Segal to Michael Bolton, the men of the 80’s were coiffed to perfection with short and spunky dos, or long and flowing ponytails.

Photo: Pinterest

3. Velour

Slinky, plush velour was all the rage in the 80’s. Used in everything from tracksuits to hats and furniture, this distinctive fabric was total 80’s overkill.

Photo: Nordstrom

4. Huge Earrings

If you wore earrings in the 80’s, there’s no doubt they were almost as big as your head.

Photo: Pop Dust

5. Animal Print

Leopard, zebra, giraffe … even snakeskin. Let the 80’s be remembered as the decade that humans decided that they wanted in on the camouflage of the animal kingdom. 

Photo: Like Totally 80s

6. Leggings

30 years after their inception the debate still rages on – is it ok to wear leggings as pants?! Today’s iterations are more of the muted colour active-wear variety, but back it the day leggings were spandex, neon and very possibly paired with a g-string leotard…

Photo: 80s Fashion

7. Pegged Pants

Don’t snigger at this trend from the 80’s – the cool kids are now well onto this it, incorporating it into their looks as we speak. Fashion truly never dies!

Photo: Like Totally 80s

8. Vans

The ubiquitous shoe of the 80s, the louder the combination of colours your Vans had, the cooler you were.

Photo: Love and Bambii

9. Mullet

Another 80’s calling card that was hard to stomach, this over the top do was present on one too many heads from our perspective. Often coupled with frizzy unkempt hair, this is one that can stay permanently in the past, thank you very much!

Photo: GQ

10. Tracksuits

Started by hip-hop juggernauts of the 80’s like Run DMC, tracksuits quickly gained popularity, even going on to have high fashion houses like Fendi, Luis Vuitton and Gucci getting in on the trend.

Photo: Brag Vintage


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