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5 Ahhmazing Cocktails to Mix & Try this Summer

In the heat of a serious Australian summer, whether we are under the air conditioner at work, trying to concentrate, or lounged on a deck somewhere dreaming of snowflakes, pretty much none of us would pass up a frosty cocktail. Here are some of the best trending beverages by the cleverest of bartenders to whet your very warm palate, and some recipes to try at home.


Image via @west_henley

Created by cocktail king Ollie Margan of Maybe Mae fame, his new bar on Henley Beach, South Australia mixes the Aperol you’ve come to love with Campari, Watermelon, Mezcal Honey and soda for a slow summer sipper. YUM.

Visit West at Henley

Try a watermelon, ginger version at home here.

Sloe Gin Fizz

Image via @speakeasyalice

Sloe gin. Gin. Lemon juice. Egg white.  Soda. Sugar syrup.

If you’re not yet acquainted with sloe gin, a fizz is the perfect intro. Made by macerating blackberries in gin, the spirit is the same, but the flavour profile of the gin is more of an elegant berry hit.

Hot tip; ask your favourite bartender to mix you up one of these bad boys so you can try a well-made version (no offence) before you start to concoct them at home!

Give it a crack with the recipe here.

Fraise Sauvage

Image via @employeesonlysyd

The Fraise Sauvage has strawberries, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, gin & champagne! The one above’s from Employees Only in Sydney, or you can find a recipe, here.

Despite only having only opened in November, Employees Only already has a mega reputation to uphold, due to its overseas sibling bars in NYC, LA, Singapore and Hong Kong among others.

Visit @employeesonlysyd for a mouth-watering scroll through their current offerings!

Wattleseed & Banana

Image via Australian Bartender

Holyyy moly. Sounding a heck of a lot like a frothy banana milkshake with a tropical and alcoholic twist, the uber talented team from Rosenbaum & Fuller have happily shared this recipe to
Australian Bartender!

Combining banana with lemon and Green Ant Gin, it’s more refreshing than you would  think. Go on, give it a whirl!

Bloody Mary

Does it get any better than sitting outside on a Sunday with a Bloody Mary to wash down your eggs benny after a few too many on a Saturday? No, it really doesn’t – and when it comes to Melbourne brunch, they set the standard for Bloody Mary’s for the entire country.

This guy from @fitzroysocial is ready to even you out before your midday nap.

A little stalk of their gram will reveal about 800 other amazing multi-coloured cocktails to try!

Try this BM from Jamie Oliver  – he always makes things sound easy!

So something old, something new – but always a twist or a kick. Master these guys at home or bucket list every one of these cocktail hotspots!


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