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5 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Australian Designers

Sustainability has become a huge talking point in fashion in the past few years, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to work out where to start doing your bit for the planet and the people on it. Aussies are a environmentally smart and socially conscious bunch, so naturally there are some amazing designers that are not only killing it with their collections, but also in their approach to protecting our earth and vulnerable people within the fashion industry. Check out the ultra-chic threads created by these ethical brands, and start feeling good about your fashion choices.

1. Kuwaii

Melbourne-based and made label Kuwaii is super-committed to ensuring they lead the way in sustainable fashion practices. Emphasising a ‘slow fashion’ approach as an antidote to the high volume and turnover model popularised by huge retailers, Kuwaii pieces are made to stand the test of time. To help achieve this, the company ensures its garments are made with high-quality fabrics and to stringent standards, through its manufacturing team located in Melbourne. Kuwaii’s commitment to sustainable fashion coupled with a flair for cutting edge yet classic designs make them a favourite among eco-savvy fashionistas.


Photo: Kuwaii

2. Vege Threads

For the ultimate in ethical basics, Vege Threads is your go-to. As proud members of Ethical Clothing Australia, which ensures that their supply chain is transparent and fair, you know that these guys are really doing their bit to make the fashion industry a better place. All of their clothing is made here in Australia as well, which is a huge plus.


Photo: Vege Threads

3. Ginger and Smart

This stunning Aussie label matches its innovative designs with ethical practices. While manufacturing is based offshore, Ginger and Smart are committed to ensuring their supply chain is safe and fair for the people that are involved in manufacturing their garments. They also focus on using renewable practices in manufacturing their clothing, which is important in reducing energy use and waste. We think that’s seriously cool.


Photo: Ginger and Smart

4. A.BCH

A.BCH make excellent and well priced high end basics, without sacrificing any integrity. Keenly aware of keeping their customers in the know on the ways in which their production and supply chain works, A.BCH are a refreshing alternative to the secretive way in which many fashion chains operate. Each product featured on their website comes with a ‘story’, which has detailed information on the origins of all aspects of the product. Take note big brands, be more like A.BCH!



Photo: A.BCH

5. Annuka

Created and based in picturesque Byron Bay, the wholesome fashion served up by Annuka is equal parts gorgeous and guilt-free. Annuka’s collection features flattering chic basics that cover a huge range of styles, from sexy maxi skirts to lounge pants with modern silhouettes. One of the key aspects of this brand is their dedication to using 100% pure certified organic cotton, which is free of nasty chemical treatments and harsh unnatural dyes. Annuka is also manufactured without the use of exploitative sweat-shop production, their factory is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. We think wearing organic is as important as eating organic!


Photo: The Corner Booth

6. Kowtow (NZ)

We thought we’d feature one extra designer, from New Zealand, so that our friends using All The Dresses NZ aren’t left out. Kowtow is a label that is holistically focused on all aspects of sustainability. Featuring gorgeous, well-cut pieces in classic colours, these are garments that are timeless and instant classics. Kowtow ensure that everything from their fabrics to the trims and fastenings used are eco-friendly, and are strongly committed to ensuring their manufacturing workers receive a living wage and excellent working conditions.  


Photo: Kowtow


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