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7 Stylish Ways to Wear Jeans This Winter

What’s a wardrobe without a few pairs of jeans, right? If you’re looking for a laid-back or flattering way to style your jeans this chilly season, we’ve put together a go-to guide that will have your winter outings covered.

Whether you’re catching up with friends for a casual get together or for a night on the town, you can stay warm while looking stylish and chic at the same time.

What’s more, get prepared for Jeans for Genes Day, which is coming up on August 4 to raise money to support genetic research for the Children’s Medical Institute. Held on the first Friday in August each year, Australians take part by dressing in their finest or craziest denim combinations to stand with sufferers of childhood disease.

Please visit their website to donate or find out more about this great cause:

1. Turtle necks

They say you’re either a turtle neck lover, or hater. But, you can’t deny that this top is a winter must-have that looks super chic and flattering with any style of denim. Fitted turtle necks give shape to your upper body and help to emphasize your silhouette – particularly when matched with high-waisted skinny leg jeans.

For a vintage and relaxed vibe, you can style a turtle neck with mum jeans or you can swap it around by wearing tighter denim and a loose and oversized turtle neck instead. Either way, turtle necks and denim are a match made in heaven.

Photo: Walk on Vogue
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2. Go grunge

Add a cool flair by wearing faded light jeans or black denim that’s reminiscent of the grungy 90s – think Nirvana, leather, boots, Doc Martens, Converse, bright red lipstick and messy hair.

The 90s may feel like a lifetime ago, but revisit it by mixing the aesthetic with  second hand jeans and contemporary accessories that will help your winter outfit stand out even more.

Photo: Glamour
Photo: Just Add Glam
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3. The Blazer

For a dressier winter look, opt for a blazer with jeans and heels to keep you warm while you sip on cocktails with friends.

A good quality blazer won’t date and can be worn with any shade of denim or fit. Blazers are flattering because of their tailored quality that hugs the upper body but also allows a bit of room for layering tops underneath. On the other hand, a loose blazer also looks elegant and classy with heels or ankle boots. You’ll be able to get away with this look at work as well!

Photo: Memorandum
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4. Mixing denim

Perhaps an ancient faux-pass, mixing denim or ‘double denim’ is a stylish way to combine some of your favourite denim pieces together, while bending the fashion rules at the same time.

It seems as though more fashionistas are challenging this style myth by donning different shades of denim together, like light on light. Layers are a popular way to add texture to the outfit and work well to break up the blocks of denim.

Photo: Micah Gianneli Instagram
Photo: Amazing Outfits
Photo: Collage Vintage

5. Ankle boots

You can style jeans with any shoe, but winter calls for boots – especially ankle boots that elongate your legs (take not petite girls). A small heel also adds height and works nicely with skinny leg jeans, or you can try flared ankle jeans with boots – a popular look that seems to be trending right now!

Photo: Who What Wear
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Photo: Who What Wear
Photo: Who What Wear


6. Belts

Adding a belt to your jeans is a go-to accessory that will showcase your figure no matter what body type you have. If you’re petite, a belt will hug the waist and create shape to your silhouette, while snazzing up a simple outfit at the same time.

Otherwise if you’re pear shaped or have an hour glass body type, a wider belt that sits right at your natural waist line or a bit above it is a nice way to highlight your curves (a loose belt will only look boxy and won’t give much shape to your feminine figure).

Photo: Stylish Gal
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7. Extra details

If you’re looking for a distinctive edge to your everyday jeans, you can try experimenting with a variety of accessories and embellishments like embroidery, visible fishnets underneath distressed and ripped jeans, or socks paired with brogues or sneakers. Instead of ankle boots, why not try over-the-knee boots for something different. It’s these small details that can really boost an ordinary look.

Fashion lovers are also currently wearing flowy sheer maxi dresses over the top of denim jeans, with a crop jacket for a layered effect. Surprisingly, this trend actually works and is one to follow this winter (or spring).

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