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The Best Fashion Features on Netflix Australia

We don’t know about you, but we always feel marginally better binge-watching Netflix if it’s a string of docos, or a series based on real life events.

Whether you need inspiration from living legends or aspiring talents, or want to open your eyes to a couple of harsh realities, we’ve got something fashun-funky for your lazy Sunday.

Header image: Franca Sozzani, the subject of “Franca: Chaos and Creation”, via wmagazine.com


At 96 years of age, Iris Apfel is still living her NYC dream life. This documentary paints a rounded portrait of Iris’ life inside and outside fashion, travelling via interviews, footage, photos and fashion through the decades. It might surprise you how damn sassy and enigmatic this lady is, and has only become more so as the years trek on.

Even if you just need a reminder to live your best life, Iris is the girl to remind you.

The Neon Demon

Everyone enjoys a little model movie from time to time, regardless of how corny they may be. Neon Demon follows Elle Fanning from small town into the big bad modelling industry, and (shock horror) life turns out not to be quite so glamorous underneath those neon lights.

If you scare easily, maybe skip this one… it’s a lil bit frightening.

The True Cost

This one holds the most meaning for us at All The Dresses, as it ties in closely with our mission statement, and resistance to fast fashion.

Fashion has a high price for the developing world, particularly when it comes to bottom dollar prices for the Western world. Before you make your next fashion move, watch The True Cost.

To read our extended story on the perils of Fast Fashion and how we can all be more sustainability-conscious with our fashion choices, click here.

Franca: Chaos and Creation

Delve inside the mind of a visionary Italian Vogue editor, who took editorial right to the edge… before everyone got so PC.

Insider perspective like this is a rare gem – after all, how much closer can you get to a woman than her filmmaker son?

The Fashion Fund

The Fashion Fund intersects the heart of the American fashion industry in a program where a panel led by Anna Wintour (unofficially or not) judge the work of ten budding designers for the chance to win $300k and a mentorship. While it sounds a lot like Project Runway at first glance, its not; it’s next level.

Contestants must have been successfully working in the industry for a minimum of two years, weeding out possible weaker contenders, and also upping the quality – these guys are serious, and the designers to come out the other end prove it, with Alexander Wang and Proenza Shouler, and Rag and Bone all previous winners.

To add to that, while Project Runway was made for TV, The Fashion Fund is certainly not, as cameras simply follow the process of the competition, and nothing is shot specifically for ‘the show’. Consider it an insider perspective to the industry.


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