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Top Tips to Style Your Bump

The sheer joy that comes with learning you’re expecting is one many women dream of experiencing. It’s a time renowned for personal evolution; closing the door on one of life’s greatest chapters, making way for a new one brimming with immeasurable out-of-body experiences. In between the overwhelming sense of newfound love and the utter fear of caring for an infant solely dependent on you, there’s one thing every expectant mother truly craves: preservation of her self-identity.

So whether you’re in the midst of concealing a bump from prying eyes, or eagerly awaiting the moment you get to show it off at your next social soiree, with the help of our own Mumma-To-Be Edit, we’re breaking down the top styling tips, trends and influencers inspiring all soon-to-be mums to look, and feel, their very best self.

Effortless is Best.

Image via sarahsday.com

During this time of continual physical change, it’s best to keep everything simple. Basically, less is more. Take @sarahs_day for example, the complete and utter embodiment of effortlessly modish. Whether it be her exquisite flowy numbers or dream worthy use of monochromatic patterns, Sarah’s journey with pregnancy acts as a timely reminder to stock the cupboard with staple items – vintage overalls, slip dresses, denim jackets, printed tees – guaranteed to be transitioned from casual to classy, from day to night.

Empire Waists, Your New Go-To.

Image via @navygraceblog

Pregnant or not, there’s always a resounding appreciation for this wardrobe favourite. When it comes to block-coloured shirt-dresses or gorgeous summer wraps, @pregnancylifewithstyle is one inspiring account truly nailing the maternity game. Through her dreamy social landscape, she epitomizes exactly why adjustable waists and light-weight items are the ultimate options. The bonus? Order outside of the maternity wear realm, instead opt for a size or two up from your usual to make for the perfect post-natal wardrobe.

Embrace Figure-Hugging.

Image via Us Weekly

While it may seem daunting to flaunt your ever-changing figure, there’s a beautiful method for embracing the bodycon dress. The likes of Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and of course, every Kardashian sister have navigated their way through pregnancy with this ruched-waisted blessing. @rozalia_russian’s approach proves to the world exactly how to do it; combining flirty hems adorned with a blazer or dress coat, or dressed down, complemented by her favourite button up.

Choose Your Hues.

Image via sarahshermansamuel.com

If you’re a fan of monochromes or more in favour of pastel pallet, there’s a way to make every colour scheme come to life! The @sweetlittlestory does just that. Embracing truly flattering tones – earthly neutrals, rust, army greens and greys – mixed with staples to cater perfectly for her everyday wear. Darker hues are flattering, we know this. So be sure to stock up on your ebony items – jeans, turtlenecks, even figure-hugging dresses – to create the ultimate solution when seeking to hide little lumps and bumps.

The Joy of Layering.

Image via @ladyandacat

Embraced as the most widely-appreciated maternity style tip, this trend, quite literally, is the perfect year-round solution. Whether melting through Summer or shivering through Winter, layering is the perfect textual component to make every woman feel their best. Laura Byrne, the popular Bachelor Australia alumni and newly-graced mother, without doubt, adored her pre-natal layering looks; from knotted tees and a flowy midi skirt, to combining her love for knitwear and comfy slacks. It’s the perfect option for every expectant mum.

Make Prints Come Alive.

Image via Livvyland.com

Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean patterns are no longer your friends. Need proof? Head on over to Bae The Label, where their maternity assortment proves to be not only every level of elegance, but also insanely practical. If you’re looking to embrace the trend, be sure to pair your favourite prints with a solid colour to avoid it crossing into the field of overwhelming. Opt for simple patterns – nautical stripes, subtle geometric pastels – mitigating other bold patterns which might clash.

Most importantly, while fashion and style is an amazing way to help expectant mums stay in touch with their own self-identity, it’s crucial to remember that we celebrate the sheer strength a woman, both mentally and physically, during this magical time of transition. After all, in inner-beauty radiates as equally as its exterior. 

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