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Trackside Trends for Spring Racing 2023, with Donny Galella

As Spring unfolds, we eagerly anticipate another thrilling chapter of the Australian fashion scene: Spring Racing 2023!

We recently had an exclusive chat with the illustrious celeb-stylist, Donny Galella, to uncover the trends he envisions will dominate the tracks this year.

For those unfamiliar with Donny’s exceptional talent, he’s the creative force behind the looks of some of the best carpet looks you’ll see at the Logies and other big award nights. Some of his recent clients include Erin Holland, Ada Nicodemou, and several of the stars of Home & Away.

Donny’s expertise isn’t limited to just styling the stars. He proudly curates looks for individuals of all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Beyond his sartorial prowess, Donny’s compassion shines brightly. He recently orchestrated a heartwarming pamper day for five Aussie women battling cancer, which aired as a touching segment on Channel 7’s ‘The Morning Show’. This gesture was profoundly personal for Donny, as it was inspired by the heart-wrenching loss of his beloved big sister to cancer.

Discover more about Donny on his his official website and catch his latest updates on Instagram.

Now, without further delay, delve into Donny’s fashion forecast for Spring Racing 2023!

Two’s Company with 2-Piece Sets

“Whether it’s a jacket & skirt combo, or a blouse with a pant or skirt, 2-piece sets are a huge trend,” Donny points out.

This trend signifies more than just an outfit change; it’s about reimagining style norms. Bold, colourful prints are predicted to dominate this trend, promising an array of combinations that could revolutionize your spring racing wardrobe. The flexibility of mixing and matching means you can keep your look fresh throughout the season.

A 2-piece is a “great option for those who want to mix it up from always wearing a dress”, says Donny.

Ruffles, Rosettes, Tassels, and Bows

Highlighting the trend’s intricacy, Donny states, “Ruffles, rosettes, tassels, and bows will be popular details on outfits.” These elements, while seemingly minute, can dramatically alter an outfit’s vibe.

Think of a simple dress transformed by the flow of ruffles or the elegance imparted by a subtle rosette. Every detail counts in making a fashion statement.

Metallics Shine On

Shine and shimmer dominate the trackside, with Donny noting, “Sequins and shiny fabrics will be found aplenty. Pairing a metallic skirt with a blazer or a cute blouse could be a great way to rock this look.”

This isn’t a nod to the 80s; it’s a modern interpretation, urging wearers to find their own dazzle.

Colour Palette of 2023

The colour forecast according to Donny? “Expect shades of yellow, lime, purple, lilac, various hues of blue, and of course, the ever-popular pink.”

These colours don’t just signal the season’s aesthetic; they represent the mood—bright, buoyant, and brimming with life.

Detailing with Lace and Laser

Offering intricate designs, Donny mentions the expected rise of “Lace detailing and laser-cut details.”

These subtle intricacies are a testament to the craftsmanship behind each outfit, ensuring wearers exude a sophisticated allure.

Feminine Frothy and Feathery Aesthetics

Textures are pivotal, and Donny hints at the ethereal side of fashion: “Expect soft layered tulle, feather details and trims, encapsulating feminine frothy and feathery looks.”

It’s an ode to the light, airy, and delicate, promising a cascade of dreamy ensembles trackside.

Florals Return with a Bold Twist

Reimagining a classic, Donny is clear: “Florals for spring are back and bigger than ever. This season, the bolder and the brighter, the better.”

The emphasis is clear—florals aren’t just for backgrounds; they’ll be one of the showstoppers this year. Envisage bold floral prints making waves amidst the racecourse crowd.

Stripes Make a Statement

In his love for patterns, Donny confesses, “I especially love a vertical stripe print blouse with a matching pant.” Thick, bold stripes are all set to dominate, particularly vertical stripes, which elongate the form and offer a chic appeal.

Paired with the right accessories, this could be the game-changer look of the season.

Wrapping Up

Donny’s trend analysis offers both a fresh perspective and a nod to some classics, painting a vivid picture of the fashion panorama we can anticipate.

We hope with these insights, you won’t just be part of the crowd, you’ll stand out in it!

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