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5 Of the Coolest Aussie Fashion Brands Bettering Our World

In a world where mindful consumption is, without doubt, more crucial to society than ever before, there’s come a significant – and very necessary – shift in the minds of consumers everywhere. No longer are they purchasing items on a whim, instead there’s now a longing to discover how the origins of their favourite brands and products – be it in fashion, food or entertainment – came to be.

Naturally, the uprise in more sustainable behaviours has, by extension, evolved to go hand-in-hand with ethical practices. Whether it’s the manufacturing conditions or the continued support of various social causes; the demand for socially-responsible brands is an approach fast sweeping the globe. And we can’t help but celebrate!

So if you’re on the quest for another fabulous outfit to flaunt at your next outing, or simply eager to contribute more positively to today’s society – look no further! Here’s some of our favourite local brands doing their part to make the world an even better place.

Feature image from Sakora – saroka.com.au


Image via kitx.com.au

With an enduring commitment to source their materials in a conscious manner, this local ethical hero has steadily risen as a favourite amongst those more conscious-minded in their fashion choices. Their ethos? A dedicated use of renewable and recycled ‘man-made’ materials – all sourced from fully traceable and fair-trade suppliers, meaning every design produced adheres to globally-recognised social and environmental standards. With their unique take on wardrobe staples, Kitx ensures all their pieces are artfully manufactured by contractors who guarantee only the highest-quality working conditions.

The Social Outfit

Image via thesocialoutfit.org

As much a charity as it is a celebrated fashion label, this Sydney-based label promises nothing short of a full-cycle ethical approach. With their exquisite, eye-catching designs manufactured on-site, the team instead chooses to allocate those would-be expenses to fund various fashion-related training and employment programs. What’s even more special is that those programs are reserved for individuals from refugee and migrant communities. With the ultimate mission to inspire a wider social inclusion and importantly, professional development, the independently-accredited brand is even registered as a social enterprise. Talk about changing the game!

Outland Denim

Image via outlanddenim.com.au

Launched off the back of a desire to combat the devastating effects of human trafficking, Outland Denim has since risen to become the true epitome of what it means to be a socially responsible brand. With a commitment to contribute to a better world, the raw materials brand – once worn by Meghan Markle herself – proudly offers sustainable employment and training opportunities to women who have sadly experienced exploitation. Subsequently, the band has now even extended those same opportunities to people from backgrounds of vulnerability and social injustice. Yep, that’s right, this local Gold Coast label is the literal definition of looking AND feeling good.


Image via saroka.com.au

Founded out of a frustration at the lack of size diversity in Australia’s fashion industry, Saroka set out change the game – and they did, but in more ways than one. From design to production, right through to manufacturing, this exquisitely-feminine brand carefully considers the entirety of all its environmental impacts. Each garment – made from at least 80% of natural fibres – is hand-made to measure. Featuring a majority of linen pieces due to its biodegradable nature, the company even holds an impressive production control policy; to only purchase each material as it’s needed, in lieu of bulk. Saroka’s commitment to eliminate stock and fabric wastage is truly an initiative to be celebrated.

Elk the Label

Image via elkthelabel.com

A staple in any eco-fashion lover’s wardrobe, this iconic label’s mission to better our world resonates so perfectly with today’s society: positively impacting people, animals and the ever-precarious environment. Beyond their commitment to great design, ELK has a strong ethical foundation. All potential manufacturers undergo numerous site visits every year from the brand’s higher-ups, with working conditions, company ethics, and importantly, workers’ rights and safety stringently assessed. Not only that, the globally-stocked brand is an avid supporter of the adorable pups at Guide Dogs Australia, donating 100% of the profits from their own range of high-quality collars and leads range.

So now that you’ve been spoiled with some of our favourite local do-good brands, please be sure to pay mind to everything you consume. In being more conscious with your purchasing decisions, you really hold the power to offer resounding effects, and ultimately, better the lives of others and the state of our globe.


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