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7 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Fashion Consumption Responsible

Have you ever felt guilty glancing into your wardrobe and seeing how many pieces you literally never wear? Well don’t blame yourself, it may not be your fault!

For years the fashion industry has been caught up in a high speed churn and burn cycle, that we’ve all been trying to keep up with. Fashion makes us feel good about ourselves, and chasing the newest, hottest trend can be frighteningly addictive. With the recent proliferation of retail giants like H & M, Zara and Uniqlo in Australia, it has become easier and easier to overconsume.

But a new consciousness about the detrimental effects of irresponsible fashion consumption has emerged, and designers and consumers are taking a stand, and saying no to big business. A movement towards ethical design means that there are more opportunities than ever to say no to fast fashion. If this is all news to you, read our page The Perils of Fast Fashion.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we have put together seven easy ways to start using fashion responsibly, which are a cinch to fit into your lifestyle.

1. Focus your wardrobe on ethical labels

With loads of designers making a pledge to ensure their production is more ethical and sustainable, a quick Google search is all it takes to find gorgeous labels with responsible practices. Some of our favourites include Kuwaii, Vege Threads and Bon.

2. Rent, don’t buy

Instead of splashing a wad of cash on something you’ll never wear again, why not rent that statement piece? Renting is an ethical and responsible way to get your hands on the hottest designer looks while ensuring they don’t lurk in the back of your wardrobe unworn for decades.

3. Curate your ‘drobe

Minimalism is a hot trend right now, and Instagrammers like @allthatisshe and @pepamack  are making us want a curated wardrobe, like, yesterday. By creating a capsule wardrobe of interchangeable classics, you can be sure that you will always have a classic and chic look without wasted pieces.

4. Borrow, swap, share

Technically, you could have up to 20 wardrobes? Maybe more if you’re super popular! Utilise your friends and family’s wardrobes by hosting borrow, swap and sell nights to keep your fashion consumption down.

5. Special occasions

When you have an event or special occasion, avoid splurging on a piece that you’ll only wear for one night. Instead, try renting from an online boutique and get the designer look for a fraction of the cost, plus you’ll automatically be a conscious consumer. Winning.

6. Vintage rules

Vintage clothing is having a moment right now. Good quality vintage pieces are worth their weight in gold and are an excellent way to spurn the advances of high fashion. Yay! Did you know that the majority of clothing donated to op-shops ends up in landfill? Make it a little less.

7. Challenge yourself

Push yourself to abstain from buying a single piece of clothing for a period of two weeks, or even two months! Not only will you discover untapped resources in your own wardrobe but you will also detox from compulsively buying new things, a liberating experience.