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Travel wardrobe tips from 6 of Australia’s top travel influencers

Coming down with a severe case of the winter blues? Well, you’re certainly not alone. While it may seem the vast majority of your social circle’s off gallivanting the Italian coast, the rest of us can be found close to home; enduring the harsh reality of an Aussie winter, merely dreaming of days spent ocean side and salty-skinned. 

Whether we like it or not, the lure of our nomadic friends’ lustworthy social feeds is a difficult one to escape; simultaneously fed up at the sight of sun-soaked, Aperol Spritz laden days, while still graciously and vicariously living through their abundance of wanderlust-inducing adventures.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones soon to be embarking on your own mid-year escape – be it an adventure laced with snow-capped mountains, or en route to a cultural destination more famous for its cocktails and stunning coastline – packing a practical and polished suitcase is paramount.

To help you combat the curse of overpacking the unnecessary, we’re looking to some of our favourite travel influencers and gurus for their best tips to help you pack the ultimate, uber-stylish vacation ensembles.

Siffat Haider

Image via @icingandglitter

Contrary to popular belief, looking stylish while keeping your luggage oozing simplicity is most certainly achievable, just ask Siffat Haider. As a self-confessed avid believer in ‘less is more’, her packing mantra is refreshingly honest, crediting her top tips as:

“always take one less pair of shoes than you think you’ll need, and absolutely roll everything”.

And by the looks of her exquisite online presence, maxis and rompers completely fit the bill – proving to be her obvious favourite light-weight and sophisticated option.

Teru Menclova

Image via @terumenclova

Looking for some serious wanderlust inspiration? Teru’s Guide to the Universe may be just the place for you. Through her stunning snaps and always flawless, climate-friendly outfits, we’re no doubt convinced that she’s the packing guru reincarnate. Oozing a relaxed style, her ability to pull together the perfect holiday look comes down to one thing: planning her outfits ahead of time. She suggests always

“keep an eye on your destination’s weather forecast to help plan all of your looks”

This means little wasted time in between changes and most importantly, more space in your suitcase. 

Chloe Chapman

Image via @chloechapman

This Aussie darling leads a life so worthy of our desire. Boasting a year-round glow and extreme lust for adventure, Chloe’s quickly grown accustomed to life on the road. Credited as the brilliant brains behind the hugely successful Aloe Swimwear, her business quite literally survives off knowing what’s what when it comes to coastal escapes. Her top tips? On her blog, she writes:

“always pack a sarong, it makes for the perfect cover-up, and of course, dressy sandals”

They have the power to add a little sparkle to your evening wear, without sacrificing comfort.

Cara Jourdan

Image via @carajourdan

Meet Cara Jourdan, the travel guru inspiring countless others worldwide to pursue their wanderlust dreams. Whether soaking up the sun on the Amalfi Coast or living it up at the Insta-mecca that is Coachella, her wardrobe screams stunning versatility. Her foolproof suggestion for fashionable packing?

“Have lots of pieces that can mix and match, I’m really into matching sets at the moment, ones that can be styled differently to make new outfits each day”

Basically, if you’re mulling over particular items, simply ask yourself, ‘can I make more than one outfit out of this?’. If it’s a firm no then it’s probably best you put it aside.

Karolina Valeikaite

Image via @outsideboxx

The utter satisfaction of feeling fresh – be it a quick spritz or change of clothes – is definitely up there with the rest of them, Karolina knows this.

“I always like to keep one outfit of fresh clothes in my hand luggage, as I sometimes like to change into fresh clothes during the journey, especially if I travel in hot destinations, or if I get to the destination too tired to rummage through my luggage.”

So if you’re soon to spend more time on long-haul flights or in humid climates, make sure you’ve come prepared by packing an easily-accessible change of clothes in your carry-on.

Lee Litumbe

Image via @spiritedpursuit

Comfort is key when it comes to everyday living, we all know this. But if your days are spent literally chasing the summer, it’s best to make sure your footwear is up to the challenge. Luckily, Lee Litumbe shares the same sentiments.

“It’s important that I be comfortable, but also respect the local cultures. For me, cosy sneakers are the only way. To keep things chic and effortless, I style them with items that work perfectly for my cultural surroundings”

Some favourite options are the always on-trend fresh white sneakers or even your favourite pair of Nikes. Just be sure to keep these on hand and you’ll never have to suffer through a day of throbbing pain again.  

So now, here we are; armed with the savviness to pack like a well-travelled, well-dressed vacation expert. Just remember – keep it simple, keep it practical and above all else, keep it beautiful. After all, there’s nothing quite as breathtaking as a woman radiating self-confidence and contentment.

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