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What Your First Date Outfit Really Tells Him About You

We’ve all been there – obsessing over the perfect perfect outfit to express yourself on that all important first date. In this age of fleeting digital love courtesy of Tinder, Happen, Hinge and so on, you’d better believe that first impressions are more crucial than ever! But what does he really see when you meet for the first time? Read on and see if you recognise yourself or someone you know below…

The Social Media Queen

This Queen of Snapchat is permanently attached to her devices and dead-set on ensuring she has the perfect Insta-outfit to broadcast to all of her friends. Her outfits are glamorous, polished and attention grabbing – think blingy, shiny and sparkly. Possibly more concerned with taking the perfect selfie and editing her Instagram story than with her date. When not on date she can be found obsessively documenting her trip to the local supermarket complete with filters on Twitter, Insta, Snapchat, Facebook….you get the point!

Photo: Glamour

The Best Mate

Rolling into a date with a grin on her face and a serious sense of humour is the best mate. This girl is all about nights out with the boys, beers and sports. Crazy amounts of laid back, absolutely nothing phases her. She is most comfortable in sporty yet chic looks that require minimal fuss. When not on a date she can be found at the pub or playing in her local women’s footy team.

Photo: Alexander Wang

The Man Eater

Sexy, intimidating and fierce, this girl eats men for breakfast. Heads turn so fast when she struts into a room that there’s a sudden spike in hospital admissions for whiplash. Oozes confidence. Making men feel inferior and addicted to her in equal measure is her specialty. She is constantly seen in outfits that are over-the-top, figure hugging and always designer label. She can generally be found sipping cocktails and demanding things while others quake in her presence.

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

The Wife-Me

Prim and proper and focused on one goal – getting that Mr Right for a fairytale wedding. This girl has elegant, traditional style in spades and is organised and practical. So practical, in fact, that she’s already planned her entire wedding and now just needs that final minor detail – a man – to complete the event. This girl is a true lady – think glamorous 50’s style dresses and fitted, well-cut two piece sets in pastels and neutrals. When she’s not on a date she can be found spending time with her parents and tasting wedding cakes.

Photo: Trend Hunter

The Hippie-Dippie

Yoga, Meditation, Kale smoothies – if it’s health and wellbeing related this hippie chick is in. Men flock to worship her goddess good looks and struggle to swallow down vegan ‘treats’ in a bid to impress her. An excellent listener, she’s very in touch with her emotions and deeply spiritual, although seems to dabble in almost every alternative religion there is. She’s totally into long, flowing garments (ethically made of course) that embrace adventurous patterns, textures and colours. This free spirit can be found travelling through India finding herself most of the year.

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

The Perfect Catch

This girl is fun, smart and gorgeous all in equal measure. Everyone loves her and she is always surrounded by friends wherever she goes. Her style is down to earth, unfussy outfits that are simple yet stunning. Clean lines and simple chic details accent her natural beauty. She is open to trying new things and has a wide range of interests that make her heaps of fun to hang out with. All in all she is simply the perfect catch!

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

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